Track 1

Building Capacity

A Track 1 session is a space of innovation for building a network of researchers with new and greater capacity to tackle pressing well-being issues (individual, societal, environmental, etc.) that are a function of consumer behaviors. These sessions are spaces of opportunity to experiment, e.g., inviting non-academic guests; working across the intersection of social problems; bringing in academics from across disciplinary divides to introduce new tools, theories, and perspectives; and including a stakeholder in the process of doing research. There are numerous pathways to benefit consumers and well-being, and we encourage tracks to explore many ideas and then share the successful ones.

Note: Unlike other conferences, where a team of authors submit a paper, applicants to this conference apply as a single individual. An individual who is accepted to the conference may not bring a colleague, assistant, or co-author. Each person is submitting a request to participate in the dialogical conversation and project—these are personal visions and evidence of personal commitment.

Steps to Participate

  • For these tracks, there is an open and competitive call for participant applications — before proceeding, please carefully review How to Apply.
  • Past experience suggests the ideal track size no larger than 12 participants.
  • Deadline for participation applications: November 15, 2020
  • Notification of conference acceptance to participants: December 1, 2020